Report Module.

Enter the reporting module to obtain information on existing, missing or retired assets in the organization.
Visualize statistics graphically, facilitating the interpretation of data.
To enter the report module, click on the menu at the top right and select the report option. Or click on the reports icon located at the bottom of the screen.
On the asset report screen you will have detailed information on the main screen of the module where it will show:
  • Total assets.
  • Missing assets according to count.
  • Last inventory.
  • Assets off location.
  • Location (locations with assets).
Filter by location
Using the option of filters by location you will obtain detailed information for each of the organization’s locations.
Click on the filter arrow (Filter by location) select the location, the screen will dynamically display the information for each of the selected areas.
Advanced statistics
This option offers detailed information of the elements not found in each count. In the reporting module, click on the advanced statistics button.
Obtain statistical information on losses by counting or losses by location, which will help you make strategic decisions.
In the advanced statistics module you have the option of selecting losses by count where it will show you relevant information from the last counts, starting with the most recent, you will be able to validate the following information.
  • Reporting date: when the counts were made.
  • User who made the report: who made the count.
  • Location: in which location the count was carried out.
  • Elements not found. How many items were not found at that location.
When you select this option, the graphs that indicate the elements not found according to the location will be displayed on the screen. In addition to an information table indicating the average number of assets not found by location.
Download reports
In the reporting module, Henutsen offers the option of downloading reports where you will have information on Total Assets, Location Assets, and List of missing assets, among others.
On the main screen of the report module, click on the report download option.
The user can customize the fields required for the report. Click on the field you want to add and it will be marked in blue indicating that it leaves, in the same way you can unmark a field by clicking on it, the field will lose the mark and this indicates that it does not appear in the report.
To download a report simply click the download button on the report you require. The reports will be downloaded in an XLSX format.
In this section you can download reports from:
  • Total List of Assets.
  • Location assets.
  • List of missing assets.
  • List of derecognized assets.
  • List assets outside of their assigned location.