At Henutsen we help you design the best RFID solution according to the needs of your company.


Make your inventories in 3 simple steps:

Identify the assets

Link the RFID tag with all the information of the corresponding assets such as: Name, Condition, Location, etc.

Make the inventory

Pair the RFID reader with your compatible mobile device and read all your assets in seconds.

Receive the report

In this report you will find information about your products such as: Total assets, Assets found, Assets missing, Assets from another location and Assets without code.


Improve visibility of your assets

Ability to track multiple assets at the same time

Maximizing inventory accuracy


Reduce the loss and theft of your assets thanks to Henutsen

To keep track of your inventory, Henutsen has created the asset control module that allows you to:


Quick location of lost or misplaced assets

Increased inventory security, reducing theft in your company

Receive reliable data on your assets in real time at any time