Coding Module.

When small amounts of assets are required to be encrypted, go to the encrypt option. This functionality will allow you to record RFID tags individually, using an Android mobile device and the Chaiway R6 reader.
On the mobile device, enter the Henutsen application, enter the username and password, click enter. Select the menu at the top right and tap the encryption option.
Configure encoder.
On this screen you have the option of encoding the tags for your assets, for this purpose you must have a reader configured, but if not, when you select the encoding option, click the configure reader button. Make sure that your mobile device has the Bluetooth connection active.
Make sure that the Chainway R6 reader is turned on, select the search for devices button and identify the reader by the brand and its Mac address, select the connect button. It will show the reader connection screen where it will indicate that it is connected to the Chainway reader, in addition to configuration parameters that will be explained in more detail in the detailed reader configuration section.
Scroll the screen and click the back button at the bottom, you will immediately see the associated reader connection icon in blue color on the label encoding screen. At this moment the reader is configured to encode the RFID tags.
Search filters.
Select the location where the assets to be coded are located, you can also select the category and status of the asset, you can also rely on the label status filter that will indicate which labels have already been printed and which have not.
Label encoding.
The elements to be coded will be identified with the name of the asset, click on the icon of the antenna that is red. A confirmation will be displayed indicating that the label will be recorded with the unique EPC (electronic product code) for each asset. If you require more information about the asset, click on the three blue dots.
Note: To carry out this process we recommend that the power be 5DB.
Select accept and verify the information with which the label, product name and EPC code for this asset will be recorded.
Detect tag.
Take the pointing chainway sled and bring it close to the tag you want to encode, it is important that another tag is not in the read range as it may misrecord data on the tag you want. Touch the detect option, the reader will emit a beep and the detect button will change color, the detected label is also displayed on the screen.
Write label.
Without moving the reader away from the label touch the write label button. The reader will emit a beep indicating that the label has been recorded, it will also show the message the label has been recorded on the screen.
At this moment the label has been recorded with all the information corresponding to this asset. Image, EPC Code, name, asset description, location and status. As minimum-required data, in addition to additional data such as responsible, category, manufacturer, serial number, inherited codes 1 and 2.