RFID technology through radio frequencies allows data previously stored on a chip or tag to be read at high speed and with ranges of up to 12 meters.
A reader or antenna sends a signal continuously within a set range perimeter. When a tag comes into contact with this signal, it sends back information that the antennas or reader interpret as programmed. The different logical characteristics of the labels allow recording or editing of the stored information, and the physical characteristics allow adaptability to almost any type of material.
HENUTSEN uses this innovative technology and develops an application for the management of assets in large quantities, solving logistical problems that may affect the control of assets in the company.
This application offers for your company:
To access each of the advantages offered by Henutsen, enter the application, create your company and configure the users according to your needs, make a massive or individual upload of the company’s assets, proceed to code each of these assets assigning an RFID tag, affix the coded tags to each of the assets as appropriate. Now you can easily control your inventory.